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Production snipets and more about the Factory.

These various clips will bring the Factory in Swaziland to you.

Nqwenya Glass FINAL 5050

Ngwenya Glass SABC 50/50 insert Jan 2014

Ngwenya Glass Factory Swaziland - Africa Travel Channel

Ngwenya Glass - The factory at Ngwenya Glass is well worth a visit on your next trip to Swaziland. Come and see how fine glassware is made.

Glass Teddy Bear at Ngwenya Glass Swaziland

Ngwenya Glass in Swaziland was asked to produce some glass Teddy Bears for a corporate client in Johannesburg. In order to show them a sample we strapped a Go Pro camera to James' (our master glassblower) head and filmed the process. Here you get a "blowers" eye view of the creation from start to 

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